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About Us

Tough Bands® Survival Bracelets enhance your image and can help you get out of a tough situation.

We make rugged-looking, high-quality bracelets, key fobs, dog collars, lanyards and rifle slings that actually serve a purpose. Although our products look fantastic, the real source of our success is the hidden function: everything is made out of Paracord, a material first used in WWII parachutes, which can hold 550 lbs. Wear a Survival Bracelet during your outdoor hobbies, and if you get in a pinch and need a super-strong cord, go ahead and unravel it. Clip on a key fob, and never think twice about it... until you realize you need a durable rope. Hand-made and designed by a weapons repairer in the US Army, Tough Bands combines top-notch quality with a look that active, practical men and women appreciate.

Wear more than just a bracelet. Wear a Tough Band and Survive in Style.

Hand Made in the U.S.A