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Wide Braid Survival Bracelet - IR Style American Flag

Wide Braid Survival Bracelet - IR Style American Flag

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Tough Bands® Survival Bracelets


Product Description And Wrist Size Instructions


Our Survival Bracelets are mission ready and look super cool. All of our Survival Paracord Bracelets allows you to carry up to 24’ of super strong and durable 550 test military spec paracord depending on the design selected. The paracord that we use for our paracord bracelets is the real 550 cord used by our military. This is not the low quality paracord that you see in most stores.


· To use your survival paracord bracelet in an emergency situation, unravel the bracelet to deploy the paracord to be used as needed. Use it to tie down items to the top of a vehicle, string up a clothes line, make fishing lines with the inner strands, or make a tourniquet. You can come up with hundreds of ideas of how to use paracord when a tough situation calls for its use.


· If you use your paracord bracelet in an emergency situation, we will replace it in exchange for your story and the rights to share it with our amazing customers. You will just pay for shipping.


· The adjustable shackle allows you to adjust the size of your bracelet for a comfortable fit.


· Dog Tag Logo – If you choose one of our logo items, the logos are super tough just like our bracelets. Logos are protected by a scuff/abrasion resistant laminate that will not scratch, show fingerprints, or fade over time. The dog tag is military grade stainless steel super resistant to rust.


· Don’t be afraid to get our products wet. They are 100% water proof. It will not fade, rot, or mildew by getting it wet.


· To wash your paracord bracelet use warm water and detergent.


How to measure your wrist to get a perfect fit when ordering your survival bracelet.

We custom make all bracelets to the customer's exact wrist size. For us to build your bracelet we ask you to follow these easy steps to select the right wrist size when placing your order.


1. Take a tape measure or a piece of string and wrap it around your wrist until both ends touch without leaving any slack. It doesn't have to be as tight as to stop blood circulation.


2. Mark the string or tape measure where both ends meet. Take a ruler if you are using the string method and measure the string.


3. Now that you have your wrist measurement you will select that exact size when placing your order. Please remember not to add any slack at all. We will do that based on your true wrist size. When measuring your wrist, round down to the nearest 1/4 inch if measurement falls in between sizes.


To get the perfect fit we make our bracelets based on a wrist size measured in 1/4 of  an inch increments. These are the wrist sizes to choose from on the drop down menu.


5                 6                 7                 8

5 1/4           6 1/4           7 1/4           8 1/4

5 1/2           6 1/2           7 1/2           8 1/2

5 3/4           6 3/4           7 3/4


  • 550lb Tested Military Spec Parachute Cord
  • The 7 Inner Nylon Strands Allows The Parachute Cord To Hold Up To 550lb
  • 44 Colors Available
  • An Adjustable Stainless Steel Shackle Makes it Adjustable
  • The option of a Plastic Release Buckle As A Closure Makes It Easier for you To Put Your Bracelet On Or Take It Off
  • Hand Build In America By An U.S. Army Soldier

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